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Rocky Mountain Pilates Chairs
   Mr. Tucker  
 Loveland Pass, CO
Rocky Mountain Pilates Chairs supports National Mill Dog RescueThe Humane SocietyASPCASoi Dog and The Humane Society International.  

I have 4 rescued puppy mill dogs and I am determined to end the needless suffering these dogs endured on a daily basis.  Please click on Stop Puppy Mills or  National Mill Dog Rescue's website for more information on this issue.

Dedicated To Bringing The Pilates Chair To Everyone!

Rocky Mountain Pilates Chairs is dedicated to providing you with a high quality Pilates Chair at an affordable price.  This is accomplished by manufacturing from a “One Man Shop”.

Our chairs are subject to permanent optimization processes based on constant evaluation and client feedback. This is only one of the advantages of doing business with Rocky Mountain Pilates Chairs.

Rocky Mountain Pilates Chairs Mission Statement:

To provide our customers with a pilates chair that is of high quality, durability, and that is affordably priced so that everyone can experience the chair as Joseph intended.

Manufactured in the USA!