With this section I hope to clearly describe in detail the goal of this company and its products.  No small type, just the straight scoop on Rocky Mountain Pilates Chairs.

My ultimate goal with this company is to produce a good Pilates chair at a great price.  This is accomplished by being a one man shop and keeping overhead to a minimum.  No fancy office, no elaborate fountains, no Christmas party.  Essentially, I try to do everything myself when it comes to the building, selling, and marketing of the chairs.  To save money and keep the overhead low, I don’t have the “expensive equipment” that will make perfect cuts time after time.  I use $5K worth of  machinery, not $500K like some of the other manufacturers.  That is how you get the enormous price tags on the chairs on the market today.  I want to avoid that formula and pass the savings on to the customer.

My background in fitness industry goes back over 20 years.  I earned a BA from Western Michigan University in Exercise Science, and have worked for companies that produce fitness equipment and gyms that use the equipment.  I’ve seen what works in these industries and what doesn’t.  Bloated overhead and employees who are not passionate about the product and the vision are the sure road to failure.  I don’t plan on this being anything but a small company.  It’s more of a “boutique” brand, a term they use in the bicycling industry to describe small companies who never plan to compete with the major manufacturers. 

The chairs that I build are solid, look good, and will withstand years of use.  I use extremely strong wood, hinges and hardware to make sure they will provide many hours of chair exercising enjoyment.  Even though there are countless companies out there building chairs, this design still took over a year to get this chair to feel and move the way I wanted it to.  I have hundreds of hours into the chair just, literally, staring at it.  It is a simple product, but small changes in the design can have major ramifications on the way the chair performs.  With that said, Pilates aficionados are very particular in the products they purchase for their exercising needs.  Most Pilates instructors and enthusiasts have deep seated opinions of what the best chairs are and which companies build them.  This, in my opinion, is usually rooted in which chair they used first in their Pilates training and exercising.  While there is nothing wrong with this, I did not set out to make a carbon copy of what was out there, but to take the basic chair design and tweak a few things that I felt would improve the chair both functionally and esthetically.  I also listened to seasoned professionals about how they would like a chair to perform.  While keeping in mind that I was building an economical chair, I did everything in my power to make a chair that will feel great, last a long time, and be affordable.

Another way to keep the cost down is my method for building the chairs.  Each chair is custom built, with no two being exactly alike.  I hand pick each piece of wood and then cut, router, sand and stain it multiple times.  And while the perfect chair is always the goal, sometimes there are small flaws in the wood that no amount of manipulation will change. There are Pilates companies that do build cosmetically perfect chairs, but most are over double the cost of RMPC.

In closing, I want the masses to be able to experience the Pilates chair the way Joseph intended at an affordable price.  It provides a great workout for such a simple and compact design.  Using no electronics, it's springs and gravity give you a workout that is unmatched by anything I have seen in over 20 years in the fitness industry.  That is why I build them.  Simple, but extremely effective. 

Thank you,

Brian Bretall

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